How hygienic are soap dispensers?

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Published: 06th April 2011
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Liquid soap dispensers are ingenious devices that allow people to wash their hands without sharing bars of soap. Our hands are one of the most active parts of our body, and most of the time, we use them without even thinking. Our hands are accessible to receiving and spreading lots of germs and diseases. We use our hands to count money, open doors, move objects, shake hands, change tires, wash clothing and more. Most importantly, we use our hands to eat, and if we eat with germy hands, we can become sick instantly.

Washing our hands regularly with soap is the best way to stop the spread of diseases. Using liquid soap is the safest and cleanest way to keep our hands sanitized. Liquid soap dispensers are extremely hygienic because the liquid stays sterile until it is dispensed from the bottle. When a bar of soap is shared, eventually, the bar becomes dirty and unsanitary. Sharing a bar of soap with hundreds of other people is not a good idea. Every person that touches the bar of soap leaves their germs, sweat, and grime on the bar. It is also safe to assume that the bar may fall on the floor a number of times while it is being used.

Bar soap becomes more and more contaminated every time it is used. The liquid in a soap dispenser is never exposed, so it always stays clean. The only way germs can possibly be spread is from the surface of the dispenser. Soap dispenser buttons are usually being pressed by hands that are not clean. This is not a huge problem because once the soap is released; a person can wash away any germs they may have come in contact with. It is still a concern however, since hundreds of individuals can touch one dispenser on any given day. This is why the innovators in the industry have introduced touch free soap dispensers to the marketplace.

Walk into any public restroom in any restaurant, mall, or office building, and you will see a liquid soap dispenser instead of a bar of soap. Many public dwellings have installed these dispensers in their restrooms because of their convenience, cleanliness, and sanitary attributes. As people become more concerned with their health, and the environment, you will see more touch free soap dispensers in public restrooms. This technology will reduce the amount of germs being spread from person to person. Every small technological improvement will help us in a big way as we do our best to create a world that is clean and safe.

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